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G+ Hangout - Author Publisher Roundtable

Everyone likes to learn from the experts. You should be one of them. Selling your knowledge and your expertise is much easier when you have “written the book for your niche”. And that book will become your best lead-generating tool to sell your products and services. You will become the author-ity.

Helping Others Publish Since 2000

Let Patrick Help You Publish Your Book

The Affluent Entrepreneur’s Best Kept Secret:
“You should publish a book to promote your business.
No other marketing strategy provides this large of a return on your investment!”
— Patrick Snow

World’s Greatest Publishing Coach

Patrick Snow has been called the “World’s Greatest Publishing Coach” by many of his clients.

He has spent over fifteen years of his life developing this unique system that is designed to save you both time and money in your quest to achieve your publishing and book promotion goals.

He is a professional speaker, publishing coach, book promotion coach, and speaker coach.

His one-of-a-kind unique system, is guaranteed to help you get published within 3-18 months, and turn your book into a best-seller within 1-3 years, if you follow his system.

Sensible Selling with a Blog

How to Sell with A Blog by Howard Howell - That Sales GuyThe new sales process begins on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and other social media sites. Your web marketing strategy needs a solid foundation (Niche Product Site) that advertising and search marketing efforts can lead to. You can link this “Niche Selling Site” to your traditional style business WebSite. Or, you can include your business information on your BlogSite.

Multiple landing pages for the unique solutions your product or service provide is the keystone to effective linking. And, effective linking is the basis of Search Engine Marketing.

Don’t spend time and money with campaigns that lead to someone else’s domain (i.e. Facebook). Anchor your marketing with a “Niche Selling Site” (aka Blog) where you can easily create and modify multiple landing pages that are congruent with your advertising and marketing efforts. Then, use Social Media, external sites, or applications to drive traffic to a consistently and well managed Niche Product BlogSite. That Sales Guy can show you how to launch and maintain this new Web Marketing Sales Process.

Author Publisher Roundtable

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